Regarding the Chickens

One thing all of this sunshine has given us is a beautiful view of our Mr. Food-Pun-Name-of-Your-Choice’s big boy feathers, now fully grown in. He’s no small bird, but then a Canadian heritage breed wouldn’t be. We’re really happy with our cold hardy Chantecler.

And he knows he’s pretty.

But you can’t blame the guy for showing off, he’s got four new girls to impress.

And they are tiny little things. Free to a good home and all we were told before picking them up was that they were “regular white chickens”. I was expecting commercial fryers, but I’m pretty sure they qualify as bantam, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the big combs. Their eggs are just adorable. I was a bit concerned about how well they’d mix in with our much bigger girls, but they are holding their own.  I hope they’re happy here.

But on the subject of daylight that’s nearly gone, so I better get gone too.

Up up up up up

We’ve always sung scales of “up up up up up” when we go up hills. Now we sing them anytime anything goes up. Balloons, birds, cars on ramps. Up up up up up.

Today was a continuation of organization began yesterday. Getting the size she just grew out of packed away. Getting the size she’s going to grow into  next out of storage. There’s no way to know when she’ll take that leap.

You have to be ready. When it’s time to grow you’re going to grow, and whether or not you’re prepared for it decides whether that’s something you can handle or not.

It’s a good day to be getting ready to grow. Much to do.

Pretend I Posted This Yesterday

We had a quiet and eerily warm weekend. Mid teens dog moving into the shade water running everywhere warm. Went into town on errands and drove past seas of ice.

Got a lot done, unfortunately not everything we had attempted, but we did discover two gorgeous nests – magpie we’re guessing – in a lovely little tucked away spot we investigated while stretching our legs before the drive back.

Still enjoying our indoor pursuits too, and the warmer weather means fewer layers means messier pursuits.

And reckless rubberneckers.

And then with everywhere in the entire house to choose from, this is where she decided was the best place to be next.

Because wherever she is she’s usually in her favorite place to be, regardless of how sensible a place to be it isn’t, because her favourite place has little to do with where it is.


4X4 Hot Rod Combine

This one was in the trees over the chicken coop, listening attentively to the cacophony it was kicking up. I didn’t get a better view before shooing it off, but all indication and most likely possibility is a juvenile bald eagle.

This was stuck to miscreant #1’s butt. Literal poetry in motion, that kid. Of course I still have my mom moments with miscreant #2. Whatever she turns out to be, she is very much mine too. Poor kid’s got to be somebody’s, after all.

And speaking of miscreant #1, she was minding none of her own business when she found these pants that I look forward to learning the history of, because apparently it’s a long one.

I mean they’ve been darned. How many people even know how to darn anymore? 30″ waist and with the hem on top of my foot the waistband hit about an inch under my arm.  And then I had to put them away. I developed a wool allergy as an adult which inhaling disintegrating clouds of it aggravates quite badly, evidently.

Here’s how it works around here, Mr. Happy. You ask for attention,

you get attention. No takesie backsies.




Do clever kitties squat on top of wet dishcloths? No, clever kitties do not squat on top of wet dishcloths. 

Doesn’t have the common sense her mothe… oh yeah. Hey it was a grow your own cat kit, not a build your own cat kit. All I can do is feed her and hope what brains she has develop.

We had a good weekend. Made it out to the pasture where we were escorted across the clearings.

He does look out for us on our walks, and I do feel better with him there. I don’t know who else is out there. There are a lot of possibilities.

Certainly nobody whose company I’d prefer to keep.

Made a town run, too, and I got to be a passenger again on a particularly sparkly afternoon.

Saw my third bald eagle this week too, but regrettably it was not on the photographer side of the car.

Took some pictures of Anthony Henday drive which aren’t interesting at all right now but I intend to look at them again in a decade or so and see what they look like then.

Still becoming increasingly outnumbered in the yard.


And then we got yelled at so we went in. Not a great shot of a squirrel, but I love the slightly opalescent, impressionist colour effects of the poor resolution.

See? That’s why I love the internet. I would never be able to identify impressionism as the movement this photo evokes for me in a conversation. I need my handy dandy search engine to tell me what they called the way that Monet guy my mom liked paints. I’m infuriatingly picky about saying exactly what I mean, too, so *hugs search engine*.

82 words and a few pictures.

Happy end of hunting season. 

Hauling season is by and large over too. It’s nice to have peace return.

And friends.

You know how dogs learn important times of day like when people come home and dog food is served? No word of a lie. Deer can read calendars.

One of her fawns is on the little hill down the road. She had two with her, both in beautiful condition.

We have a crappy evening planned. I’m thinking of changing our plans.


Speaking of Trust

I find myself being given opportunity to think about the strengths of one of my friends. A very dear friend. Why is nobody’s business but hers. She knows, and it is for very good reason indeed.

If given a chance, what would I say about her? What, to be so blunt, is so great about her?

Aside from lots of things, what truly stands her apart from the herd is that she is without guile. And by that I do not mean she is naïve or by any means gullible. That would be a fool’s assumption as ever there was. I mean you’re not going to get any of that hidden agenda garbage from her.

When she speaks her mind she speaks her mind sincerely. She is not going for a reaction. She is not strategizing her social position. Her well considered thoughts are shared with unembellished candor, and because she stands so strongly in that authenticity she can fearlessly offer the respect of genuinely listening to and considering contradicting points and perspectives. And unfailingly does.

And that is why she has my absolute trust.

So as I was thinking all that I was wanting to get an opportunity to say it.  So I made this one to make sure I got one.

And here is a picture of Andy, because he absolutely adores her too.

Trust is all about what you’re not.

Is exactly how it felt out there.

Is probably why we had so much company drop by.

We were studied very carefully and from all angles by an absolutely stunning male pine grosbeak.

And then I was examined up close.

And then and only then were we evidently pronounced safe. At least safe enough.

And then we were visited by a boreal chickadee, which is a very brown bird.

Most of our chickadees are black-capped chickadees, which are more blue and black birds.

Is why that was interesting.

Look, almost everything else in the whole world is mostly frozen and dead. A different coloured chickadee is interesting.

We really do get a bit swarmed when we go out there these days, but for all my dramatization the truth is very simple. It’s not that we are paradigm altering hitchcockian devices or closet disney princesses.

It is simply that we are not cats.