Five Years Ago


I was a performer. With a very, very, very, very, very small p.

I worked at corporate events. I was the back and front end for a very small entertainment company. I was the production manager.

And the janitor.

And the onsite producer/performer at a lot of very interesting events that paid me well and took me many interesting places. The last place it took me was one of my favorite places that it often took me – to the Banff Springs Hotel. Above is the view from the ballroom where I performed. It was also the view from the private room the client provided for me. It was a great show with a great cast – every single one of them professionals that I sincerely enjoyed performing with.

This was the show I knew I had to go out on.

I knew it would take all of my eleven years experience playing performer roster tetris to fill all the casting requirements for all of the company’s upcoming commitments without me. We were diving headfirst into busy season and I stood there, overlooking this beautiful expanse, resolving that this had to be my last show.

Which was all very fine and well except that I had just bought a house and didn’t have another job yet.

But it was my last show. It was as anticipated a difficult extraction but honestly, this sprout was root bound and the hammer had to hit the pot. A new job was found, all accommodations were made to transition the company to my departure, and I was free.

And the five years since have been filled with new beginnings. New places, new experiences. New Friends. With a very, very, very, very, very capital F.

Don’t stay stuck just because it seems like the worst possible time to move.

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