In we go.

These are our former chickens.

We told them not to roost in that tree.

These are the current chickens. I’m putting food out for them in front of my studio window so I can keep an eye on them.

Cold has settled in to stay, vegetable crops are harvested, and the studio is our main work space again. We have had the unexpected and very late arrival of a new calf, but thankfully it’s truly as robust a new critter as ever I’ve seen. The poor soul will know it’s first northern winter without benefit of a summer to fatten up first. We normally only calve in spring for that reason, but sometimes babies happen when they happen. It’s mother lost her calf to a bad delivery last year so we’re just glad they’re both happy and well. We’ve got lots of straw and grain to keep them cozy.

I predict that this house will be a very colourful place when we emerge in the spring.

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