Everything from yellow to blue and Lady too.

Our six foot beauty is fit to burst.

She’s done magnificently in absolutely horrible soil, especially after competing with aggressive thistle for half the summer while I nurtured our primary crops. She’s also survived at least a couple crazy hard frosts. If I manage to get seeds from her they’re definitely going in the ground next year.

Everything smells as golden as it looks. A summer spent with a blank slate sky and lungs filled with smoke truly makes a person fall in love with fresh air all over again.

llandscape with llama

Today my sweetheart came in for pets. She’s something of the administrative heart of the herd, and can reliably be found knee deep in calves on nursery duty. Her name is Lady.


His name is currently Asshole, and if he doesn’t smarten up his middle name’s going to be Served with Fresh Bread and Choice of Salad

and gravy please

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