Guiding Forces and Swinging Sticks

Figured I might as well do this since I’ve lost the battle for her attention to a particularly persistent muse. The putting on our clothes and going outside to play option that was so exciting, like, a minute and a half ago is so, like, a minute and a half ago now.

She’s actually getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine right here in the studio. I enjoyed a wholly unpleasant psychedelic light show for about an hour after unthinkingly holding something up to the window to trace yesterday evening. In defense of my autopilot error there has always been a thick canopy of grape plant over that window at this time of year. Before this summer’s savage aphid attack.

Some years the grapes go into jelly, some years they go into deer, and what doesn’t go into either of those always goes into starlings. Their chattering wave has been washing across the property again this past week and I expect it to descend soon. At least this year there won’t be any purple poop on my window.

Speaking of. He of where poop originates doesn’t sound like a squeaky toy anymore and is back to being chased across the lawn by me and my rooster scaring stick – a nine foot long cardboard tube from a roll of house wrap that bent in the middle and swoops around in the most fantastically terrifyingly erratic manner when you swing it like a scythe.

Reason #1217 why it’s good farmers don’t have close neighbours.

whack a doodle

My daughter brought me these after thoughtfully decorating them. They belonged to my parents:

Those were the good cards, which is something people had for when company came over back when playing a game of cards was a common thing to do when company came over. No media streaming in, no media streaming out, just a deck of cards and each other. I’m glad to still have them.

They’re well used. They also used to serve as building material for the card houses I occupied the most child numbing days of winter constructing to span the entire carpeted main floor of our house.

Behold, the horsie sticker rat king is evidently complete now:

from the ready to wear body art collection

… so perhaps now might be a good opportunity to see if she’s reconsidered her position on wearing pants.

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