Hello Again

The pinkedy pink pink sunrise was followed immediately by a cool, gunmetal grey day. Much of the household succumbed to their cocooning instincts.

There was a warm sun behind it all, though, and it was comfortable when we went out after lunch to tend to rounds.

And other moral obligations.

C’mon. I’d never neglect my sweetheart.

Then off on shenanigans.

Found somebody I’d been looking for.

Not that I’d been missing all of her.

Poor girl. She, alas, was one of the flood related reasons we could not enjoy the east pasture this year.  Thankfully she’s not attracting any unwanted guests anymore, and we’re fortunate that Luka is a supremely sensitive unwanted guest detector.

I’m glad to see everybody else coming in for fall with all their parts.

But now that we’re all indoors with the door closed firmly behind us for the rest of the day I’m going to go wash my hair, grab a snack and finish the movie that unexpectedly came in at the library yesterday before nap time’s over.

Damn, if that wasn’t an invocation to wake a toddler I don’t know what one looks like.

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