From the Weekend

Bloody earned it, too.

Gold Star Mother

Definitely my favorite sticker toynbee tile to date.

Days are getting short and shadows are getting long.

The kind of weather that makes everybody contemplative, and she’s been no exception. Instead of scattering their feed for them as usual she just dumped it out and stood there, regarding her little flock as they ate.

Thinking little chicken farmer thoughts, I assume. Everybody is happy to see her coming with her little bucket in this weather.

And yes, of course.

Fall clean up continues and is welcome activity. It’s really nice outside when you keep moving. Even after three hard freezes, though, we have yet life not ready to sleep. I don’t even know how this little sprig of matthiola wound up with my sage, but as I always grow it in remembrance of my grandmother – a woman who lived independently in her own home right up until her final, brief hospitalization at the age of 102 – it makes me grin to see it stubbornly continuing to thrive in the home it made for itself.

And calendula is going to become another tradition. A flower so prolific the ancient Romans named it for first day of every month – the calendae – because it seemed to bloom that often. Certainly doesn’t do too shabbily in modern day Canada, either.

Meanwhile there was much merriment of pugs and toddlers over the hours I was meant to be asleep last night, so I better keep this object in motion so that it stays in motion and doesn’t become an object at rest.

2 thoughts on “From the Weekend”

    1. When you live through such long seasons with so little life you do appreciate the living things that hang in there till the bitter end.

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