New and Improved with Extra And

Just as I was about to bond with the upholstery yesterday some manner of chicken drama lured me outside to discover a perfectly beautiful day. Captain Combine Repair’s call phone had remained blissfully silent over the weekend giving my sleeping daughter another parent nearby, so my hiking partner and I booked it while we had a chance.


Luka nearly caught a thing but he did not catch the thing and we had to sit here for awhile before he was able to accept that he was not going to catch the thing.

He’d have been happy to wait all day in the beautifully warm meadow above the wet lands for the deer who bed down there.

Between the toddler and the flooding I can’t remember the last time we got out to our wetlands. It’s not a strenuous hike, but it’s a far from easy one. I’m so much more used to walking with a toddler now that I kept catching myself advising Luka to watch his footing.

Yeah. I think he’s got this.

Today is as grey and grim as I’d thought yesterday was going to turn out to be so I’m really glad we had an opportunity to enjoy it. Snow’s in the forecast tomorrow.

And these guys won’t be around much longer.

And that’s the best shot of those you get when you travel with a dog.

And then it was time to follow the cloud home.

And then it was already time to offer the llama his entertainments.

And other curiosities.

What kind of parent makes a kid do yard work on a holiday, anyway?

To be fair there was a lot of lying down on the job, but then the view was so beautiful.

So absolutely beautiful.

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