Shifting Systems

Ah haha of course. The leaf pile. I’ve been looking for those.

Glad I found them when I did, too. We got out the door and on with our shenanigans early yesterday under threat of a substantial storm building.

And evidently we needed the time, too, because we found a pile of llama poo that needed yelling at for a good five minutes. About what I can not say as the only word I was able to make out was the emphatically repeated word poo itself. To be fair I was doing my best not to listen. I took pictures of these trees.

She and I both submitted worthy contenders, but prize for growing top sunflower this year goes to whichever bird planted the seed for this in my pepper patch. 

By two thirty the storm had taken over the sky. It stayed until dusk and the winds kept howling long into the night.

That called for an early bedtime. I’m getting used to using the inter-regional library system and have been interested in the various ephemera from their various branches, especially in some of the older books. I know nothing about the St. Paul Public Library really, but I think I like the way they do business.

And it called for extra treats today for our poor souls who had to weather all the wind driven rain out there.But mother nature’s gonna have to send something stronger than 90km winds if she wants to mess up my pretty boy’s hair.

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