Only one of us was in any hurry to do anything today, but as he was no help getting her dressed either Luka just had to damn well wait to go outside until she was done literally dancing around him so that I could.

I think she’d have been happier just playing inside, but she needs to learn young that we don’t take vitamin D for granted on the 53rd latitude. What there was out there to get today disappeared fast. I think the scientific name for these clouds is lumpitous bumpitous. In fact I’m sure of it. Probably worth making a note of.

Besides the pug needed his exercise. Off you go, boy.

Okay fine, but we did at least need to air out aforementioned long suffering husky.

To his credit the rooster does still maintain a respectful distance, usually on the other side of his girls, when she brings their daily scratch. Which is good, because making a move on her would be a very efficient way to volunteer for dog food duty.

But he’s still a dick and by the way I don’t care how cool it sounds you look like a jerk when you crow. Dick.

And you never know who else is listening. I haven’t seen our goshawk again, but this is the third little sprinkling of blue tail feathers I’ve found since his visit to my window.

We didn’t encounter Cllouseau when we were out today, but after we came in I spotted him through the window butting heads with somebody. Not unusual, seemed friendly, but you watch these things. Then I saw the herd organize and move into a new pasture. Not unusual, but you watch these things.

Then when I was about to make my afternoon cuppa I saw that he had not left the pens with the herd. I grabbed some grain and went out to see what was up.

He was waiting for us was what was up.

And that’s awesome, because we’ve been working hard to make his coming in to touch base with us a ritual. He’s totally on board for rituals that involve eating grain.

And it was awesome that we got some one on one time without me having to wrangle an impetuous toddler on my side of the fence and him having to wrangle an impertinent bovine on his. And also to enjoy the last splash of colour from our resident tamarack pine.

And holy hell the day is all but gone now. Poof.


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