The other one is in the trees.

Took a little doing to get out the door this morning.

But what a beautiful fall day, and I love fall in the city, and happily that’s where we went.

Even more happily we happened to somehow wind up in the best pizza place in town, which again left me with a calorie packed kid an hour’s drive away from farmland, so we also wound up at Giovanni Caboto park. And best of all we brought a much more experienced parent along who wasn’t afraid to push the swing high enough to achieve maximum giggles.

Never been on a swing in her life. Giggled like a lunatic from the moment it started moving, and the higher it went the wilder her laughter. Meanwhile I stood there trying to focus on the analytical part of my brain that knew damn well it was fine and not on the the mom part of my brain that kept making my leg shake.

I was glad she was equally impressed by her first encounter with a proper, playground sized slide. I was able to be a much braver little soldier about that one.

Paid our respects to Frank Spinelli.

Grabbed some beautiful fresh baking and hit the road. I try to keep away from rush hour – it’s a long enough commute without heavy traffic, never mind not wanting my precious cargo anywhere near that river of gasoline fueled aggression. We also avoid a lot of that by taking the quieter country roads. That takes a little longer too, but taking a little longer to do something is often a great way to make it not suck.

Saw some people still going hard out there. Hopefully the weather will hold just a little longer so everybody can get finished up.
Yeah. Roads where I can safely pull over and take a quick photo of deer are the ones I want to spend the most hours of my life travelling.

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