Missions failed and Accomplished

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Surprisingly, Miscreant #1 is not implicated in the bath time misfortunes of Miscreant #2. She’s actually been entirely respectful of Miscreant #2’s reckless bathside explorations, showing I think quite admirable restraint for a toddler. But there just isn’t actually even room enough on that slippery ledge for so much as a cat’s foot, which she has discovered that she has grown since she last explored it with mere kitten feet.

I think she’s smart enough to know that the safest place in the world is within reach of a protective mama, and since I got her at three weeks old yeah, I guess that’s what I am. Her front end didn’t even get damp before I’d scooped her up, and she just hung limply over my hand, seemingly completely disinterested in the proceedings, while I wrung her back end out. Still, a suitable refuge to sleep off the trauma was sought and found.

I was first one up and enjoyed the light show. Then off to Edmonton with good two and four legged friends to about as Albertan a park as you could ever hope to see.

We enjoyed the bridges, the one crossing the river in particular. Had a name. I’m sure of it. It’ll come to me.
Her favorite part was the wind. Kept slipping my hand and running toward it giggling wildly instead of walking calmly in the middle of the footpath where nothing dangerously fun could possibly ever happen like her mother wanted her to.

I genuinely think her favorite part of the entire day was the wind. It seemed as though she were summoning it at times. 

I fell in love with a tree.

See? They didn’t all wind up down the back of my shirt. But all the ones that did were sure ripe and soft.

But we were actually on a mission – and that’s where our fellow adventurers came into the picture. They were charged with the task of finding us duckies.

By god, they found us duckies.Prime cute, doing adorable things, toddler grade duckies. We were suitably impressed.

A riverside stroll later and the sunshine we’d set out to enjoy was finished. We needed to stay ahead of traffic anyway and were off. By the time we hit country road Edmonton had tucked itself¬† in under a thick blanket.

It wasn’t so long ago I had a job that took my daytime hours, and every time I drove home I drove through rush hour into dark, stormy skies. It felt damn welcoming to turn onto our dirt roads today.

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