Raise your housepets in the air like you just don’t care.

I mean at some point you have to start speculating about the role parenting skills play.

She didn’t even make it to the skinny, slippery ledge this time. She just so badly miscalculated her initial jump up onto the side that she damn near went straight in head first. Luckily for her I was standing right there.

Because she otherwise went completely unnoticed.

Tub crayons are the best things ever, and two decades past it’s recommended remodel date is the best time to bring a child into a home.

After spending yesterday largely working on things that could be accomplished indoors and sitting down I’d pretty much used up my rest requirements for the night by 4am and enjoyed some toddler unfriendly zombie entertainment during breakfast.

She got an even better show during her breakfast. You could see the pink coming.

And then it was everywhere and on everything.

A person living under these beautiful skies really should get an actual, reasonable quality camera, I suppose, but it took taking on the responsibility for another entire human life before I would reliably carry one piece of tech that takes pictures, I don’t see myself taking on a second. Now that I do always have the phone with me, though, it is becoming something of a habit.

When my hands are free, which is not something I necessarily dictate.

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