Warm backs and bellies.

We were off in our own little world with explorations and such when I noticed a small dot in the distance. Tiny little thing way out there.

But it quickly grew bigger.

We do enjoy our daily visits.

And velvet kisses.

We of course invited him to follow us back to the yard for grain and enjoyed the walk back with him.

I confess to being a bit infatuated with the guy. He’s always been such a happy presence, and he’s every bit as infatuated as I am. But of course, not with myself. He’s a whole different llama around her. Dials the chill to maximum and just observes with calm amusement as she giggles and squeals and wiggles and waves her arms around in her happiness to see him. I know without testing it that he would tolerate none of that from me.

And he’s damn good at his job. I know the local coyotes see a very different side to his personality than either of us do too.

Just when hands were getting too cold the sun came out and within minutes our resident hand warmer was up to temperature.

New holiday tradition proposal: Halloween trees.

I nominate Elbows.

Later that evening the household debate about who makes the best mashed potatoes was, I daresay it’s safe to conclude, settled.

Thank you, my girl.

Pictured: Loyalty

Ning and I enjoyed an all too uncommon opportunity for some one on one at this morning’s 5am zombie breakfast. I haven’t seen that belly exposed very often since the hurricane of kitten energy that is Diggity hit her home.

Today’s goals include capitalizing on the presence of a warm sun to sort out some winter storage, *personal grooming and fudge. We didn’t manage to get any made the other day, and one has an obligation to follow through on one’s intentions, after all.

*Just ten quick minutes with my head under a tap. That’s all I ask. Come on, universe. Let me have this.

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