Happy Discount Candy Day Eve!

Our livestock trailer is haunted by the ghost of a butterfly. Seems harmless. Mostly just hangs around.

I remember so many first snows on Halloween growing up. It is the official date beyond which I no longer begrudge it falling. So I officially can’t complain.

But it is not any of the fun kinds of snow at all. It’s that cold wet slush that melds into an ice shield snow.

Most definitely stay inside and be glad we made it to the library over the weekend snow. We’ve all been experimenting with the oil pastels I picked up and actually wound down after the busy weekend and emotional day with a spontaneous colouring party on Sunday. Captain Combine Repair’s call phone finally gave him an evening off to run his own errands yesterday evening and he picked up a box of soft pastels to try. Something else I’ve never used before. They aren’t kidding about soft.

So a good day for experimenting with those I’m thinking. Provided, of course, my Commander and Overlord approves.


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