Chasing Greys

Yeah I’m glad we got that down.

And that’s the kind of doing that’s been getting done.

This is about how much daylight we’ve been seeing, and it doesn’t hang around long at this time of year.

Had to finish off by grandma’s old bedroom lamp-light and got very nostalgic.

Looking forward to the final install and then the project that has hung as oppressively over our heads in the figurative as it has literal sense is done. And as my reward I am, for one day, not even going to think about the walls.

Hey nice to finally meet you. I was hoping you weren’t a corpse.

I tried to relocate the sleepy thing to another popcorn ceiling near another warm light, but it really was really, really sleepy. I walked it around a bit hoping it could find itself a good hopping off spot, which it did while I took above mid-launch selfie with it’s butt.

There’s been little other drama.

Been digging out all the fun stuff I was saving for inside weather, and she’s been getting right into all of it. In fact if you have a few minutes, she’d love to discuss her themes and inspirations.

Soft pastels are her clear favorite. That makes me happy because it’s easy for her to keep them the way they come in the package. 

And she’s right, they are fun. Such a great way to explore color mixing, texturing, shading. I’ve been doing studies with color and line work and getting good results with some of the contrasts I’ve been aiming for. And I’m paying attention to her choices, too.  They are of course completely fearless.

It’s my job to help her keep them that way.

Within reason.

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