Arachnofabulousness Warning

The thick blanket of cloud that hung over us for so long did keep the temperatures relatively cozy. Cozy enough for the cows to be able to comfortably eat snow and not need to leave the luscious windrows we’d allowed them access to for water. I was confident they were fine, but there’s obviously an element of a lie in that statement because I missed them and would have felt better if they were at least coming in to the pens occasionally.

And Cllouseau. I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen him come in for his daily grain, but of course I can’t blame the guy for staying in the safety of the herd when he’s got everything he needs out there. But just as I was thinking that.

We ran and got some grain and met him out at the fence line so he wouldn’t have to stray from the cows too far.

And got bonus lucky to find Demona and her calf grazing nearby. I’m always happy to get an opportunity to check on the little guy, and she even came over for a visit.


And a chat, while he stayed safely tucked away.


Proper storage is, after all, the foundation of good parenting.

Saturday bloomed a beautiful lake of pink.The weather remained mild and there were many little things about both in evidence…

…and leaving evidence.

And of course the usual other things about.

But still no cows, so we got investigative. I’d been thinking the light from this side of the property had been looking brighter. 

It sure as hell was a windy summer, and this area was heavily flooded. Poor things didn’t have a chance, really.

Cllouseau had been looking for us. You could see the tracks. He just hadn’t been able to get to us. The gate had sprung shut.

Happy to see you too, buddy.We’ve got a glorious sun shining out there today so we’re going to need to get on that while the getting’s good, and we should probably shut down the studio before her muse needs a bath anyway.


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