Inward Onward

When the clouds parted they let out all that lovely warmed air we’d been hoarding, and by evening they were settling back in again. So back under a blanket again today, but this one is cold.  We are making our amusements inside, and have finally found a use for those just-chuck-em-in-there pieces of random, purposeless toy every kid that ever grew up with a set of second-hand blocks has come across and wondered what the hell they were supposed to do with. 

The colder it gets the more awkward cuddles get tolerated, too.

And productivity continues despite contrarian obstacles.

A whole house of places the damn thing could have gone and it chooses the exact place I would have to move it from.  It’s enjoyed a bit of a respite while I struggled with unrealistic ambitions before accepting that no, it does not make sense to even try and find an appropriate work area let alone toddler-free opportunities to sand and spray indoors. I need to just wipe the cupboards down for now and wait until summer when I can work on them outside.  Meanwhile a town run is happening tonight, so there will be dining area paint tomorrow.

Yes of course she landed on her head.

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