If it doesn’t work for the dog it doesn’t work.

Well there’s beautiful sun out there now that all of our outdoor gear is good and soggy, but earlier today the world was shining in a whole different way.

Cleaned the air just as brilliantly. Nothing left in it but nature. Nothing a body needs more.

Things can get a bit Hitchcockian when you fill feeders in this weather. The hungrier they are the less scary I am, evidently.

Everybody just wanted to get in, fill their bellies, and get back somewhere dry as fast as possible and gave not a damn what I was up to. 

It was coming down pretty hard. Scored buckets of beautiful rainwater for our indoor plants.


It had been supposed to be a town run day, but being able to choose not to travel when it’s not a good idea to travel is one of the freedoms that I have gladly traded so much to gain at such great profit. I don’t get days off, but there’s nothing to really need a day off from when you’re in total control of every day. At pretty much every other point in my adult life I would have been careening around on any kind of roads that this day would have offered, dedicating my time to hitting other peoples’ deadlines and meet other peoples’ expectations. Who knows when that might be my reality again, so disappointed as I was to have plans change it’s all so very good.

Also I really like being with my dog.

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