Powering Down, Charging Up

This is the day we’ve all been waiting for.


It certainly didn’t start out that way.


I don’t know why the starlings haven’t been by for the grapes yet, but I’m thinking it has a lot to do with the local tom’s very successful summer last year. We had a waxwing by to scout them out recently who would be welcome to bring it’s friends back for a feast. They really are such fun drunks.

I saw some of our cows coming in while we were having breakfast and excitedly turned our chairs to the window so we could watch them. Just in time to watch this poor bastard fly head first into the window, directly in front of us.Took a quick shot so I could take a longer look at it while it recovered alone in a dark, quiet closet. Not that I know anything about woodpeckers per say, but I worked with raptors and have a general idea of how bird wings and bits and bobs are supposed to attach and hang. As with most strikes, though, it was okay, and just needed the safe place to shake it off. In about half an hour it was scratching around in the box ready to head off, which it did after landing on my shoulder just briefly enough for me not to get a chance to wig out too badly about having a drilling machine with a head injury right next to my jugular.

Which might sound ridiculous, but if you know me you know “died tragically in a freak woodpecker accident” is an entirely credible sounding obituary for me.

See now this is what I want to see when I go out to the pens at this time of year. Not everybody yet, but our usual suspects with the first and last born of the season with them. Demona’s little guy looks beautifully robust and healthy. He’s going to do fine over the winter.

And Lady’s calf is turning into a fine little mini-me-me-me-me-me.

But she’s got a lot of me-first ahead of her in the heirarchy.

And that’s when the sun broke through and it was like somebody went through the pen and flipped every cow’s off switch.

Seeing my girl Lucky, the little pail bunter we had to work so damn hard to keep alive, strong and glowing with good health, blissed out with the sun shining on her full belly, well, that’s something that always makes my day.

Word must have gotten out that when given a chance to eat a bird I did not eat the bird, because things have gone well past Hitchcock out there. It’s getting downright Disney.


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