If you cut us we bleed pink with sparkles and wear the cutest band-aids.

It was a watercolour washed morning on errand day. Nice driving weather overall, intersections notwithstanding.

We carpooled. Always cool to be a passenger on a route you usually chauffeur.

I’d been thinking about all the memories I don’t have on film. Memories of the everyday stuff that makes up most of our lives. The regular commutes, the non-common areas of homes where I spent so much time but took no photos of anything in. Not with melancholy – it’s kind of cool when things are preserved only in our living minds – but with that in mind I took advantage of the opportunity.

I was also interested to see what kind of shots I could get from moving speed, and I’m pretty impressed with my little phone. Also these folks have the prettiest beehives and I was admittedly kind of pleased with myself for remembering that we were coming up on them and getting my phone out in time.

This is the size of your coffee cups if you’re trying to get my repeat business, which the Uptown Grill in Stony Plain has. I hope they treat their servers well, too, because ours is another big reason we keep going back.

We only had one main goal aside from essentials and that was a surprise success. This was not something I wanted to wrangle through a labyrinthine thrift shop bedecked with beautiful glass displays on beautiful glass shelving units in every direction with a toddler in tow, but it’s been a couple weeks since I spotted it and was able to secure back-up for the mission.

It’s nothing special, but it’s sturdier than most and her cars fit on it perfectly, and how many other kids’ car ramps have pink and purple lights and make pony noises? And this is where she’s been and this is what she’s been doing since we got back with that.

I just wish the marketing for mama’s grown ass woman products didn’t bear such a striking resemblance to it. We don’t collect the wrappers, you marketing tools, nor give fuck one how fabulously you decorate them.  Tell you what. I’ll keep the tampons and use them for their intended purpose, and you can keep the wrappers and shove them up your… oh whatever. Thanks for the free box with purchase.

Aside from that I had something in one of my legs do something it wasn’t supposed to, so I kept my weekend pretty low key to prevent myself from doing whatever the hell it was I’d done again while it fixed itself. Which it seems to be doing. Miscreant #2, on the other hand, discovered the ice bubbles in the bottom of a planter I had used as an impromptu rain catcher and brought inside to thaw. Pretty hard to catch anything when you can only hunt for about two minutes at a time before your feet get too cold.


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