What is the color of your sole?

Thinking about all the places I could be right now if I’d stayed on some of the roads I’ve been on and being glad I’m here. And not just because of all the love and adoration, either.

And not because I had myself on any terrible paths, either. Well, not recently. I have no problem with the options I’ve carved out for myself in life. But I got the news that somebody awesome I know is making another awesome person, and somebody else awesome pointed out that I seem to be really into this whole human growing occupation, so I can’t help but be thinking about the fact that yeah, I am.  I thought it would be awesome and it’s even better than I thought.

So probably I should stop leaving the cats in charge of her upbringing before she if I fits I sits herself into something I can’t get her out of again.

It’s not something you admit to other people much. A lot of people almost seem to downright hate happy parents. You say every day’s a joy and you pretty much always get the exact same response:

“Just you wait.”

Because apparently no matter how awesome she may appear now she’s immutably destined to tell me she hates me and spit in my face and wipe her shoes on my forehead and burn down my house and steal my credit cards and do drugs and kick the dog and break my heart and never say thank you for anything I ever do for her ever.

And then she’s going to turn two.

So okay. So let me enjoy it now. Every day is a joy. And I work my damn ass off to make them a joy. So deal.

I believe the title she’s given this one is the word ‘circle’ repeated until there’s no room left on the title card. At least that was the mantra of invocation used to create it.

This one, however, was clearly christened “Balloons”.

And now she’s colouring her feet so probably I should wrap this up.

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