Trust is all about what you’re not.

Is exactly how it felt out there.

Is probably why we had so much company drop by.

We were studied very carefully and from all angles by an absolutely stunning male pine grosbeak.

And then I was examined up close.

And then and only then were we evidently pronounced safe. At least safe enough.

And then we were visited by a boreal chickadee, which is a very brown bird.

Most of our chickadees are black-capped chickadees, which are more blue and black birds.

Is why that was interesting.

Look, almost everything else in the whole world is mostly frozen and dead. A different coloured chickadee is interesting.

We really do get a bit swarmed when we go out there these days, but for all my dramatization the truth is very simple. It’s not that we are paradigm altering hitchcockian devices or closet disney princesses.

It is simply that we are not cats.

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