Speaking of Trust

I find myself being given opportunity to think about the strengths of one of my friends. A very dear friend. Why is nobody’s business but hers. She knows, and it is for very good reason indeed.

If given a chance, what would I say about her? What, to be so blunt, is so great about her?

Aside from lots of things, what truly stands her apart from the herd is that she is without guile. And by that I do not mean she is naïve or by any means gullible. That would be a fool’s assumption as ever there was. I mean you’re not going to get any of that hidden agenda garbage from her.

When she speaks her mind she speaks her mind sincerely. She is not going for a reaction. She is not strategizing her social position. Her well considered thoughts are shared with unembellished candor, and because she stands so strongly in that authenticity she can fearlessly offer the respect of genuinely listening to and considering contradicting points and perspectives. And unfailingly does.

And that is why she has my absolute trust.

So as I was thinking all that I was wanting to get an opportunity to say it.  So I made this one to make sure I got one.

And here is a picture of Andy, because he absolutely adores her too.

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