Do clever kitties squat on top of wet dishcloths? No, clever kitties do not squat on top of wet dishcloths. 

Doesn’t have the common sense her mothe… oh yeah. Hey it was a grow your own cat kit, not a build your own cat kit. All I can do is feed her and hope what brains she has develop.

We had a good weekend. Made it out to the pasture where we were escorted across the clearings.

He does look out for us on our walks, and I do feel better with him there. I don’t know who else is out there. There are a lot of possibilities.

Certainly nobody whose company I’d prefer to keep.

Made a town run, too, and I got to be a passenger again on a particularly sparkly afternoon.

Saw my third bald eagle this week too, but regrettably it was not on the photographer side of the car.

Took some pictures of Anthony Henday drive which aren’t interesting at all right now but I intend to look at them again in a decade or so and see what they look like then.

Still becoming increasingly outnumbered in the yard.


And then we got yelled at so we went in. Not a great shot of a squirrel, but I love the slightly opalescent, impressionist colour effects of the poor resolution.

See? That’s why I love the internet. I would never be able to identify impressionism as the movement this photo evokes for me in a conversation. I need my handy dandy search engine to tell me what they called the way that Monet guy my mom liked paints. I’m infuriatingly picky about saying exactly what I mean, too, so *hugs search engine*.

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