Regarding the Chickens

One thing all of this sunshine has given us is a beautiful view of our Mr. Food-Pun-Name-of-Your-Choice’s big boy feathers, now fully grown in. He’s no small bird, but then a Canadian heritage breed wouldn’t be. We’re really happy with our cold hardy Chantecler.

And he knows he’s pretty.

But you can’t blame the guy for showing off, he’s got four new girls to impress.

And they are tiny little things. Free to a good home and all we were told before picking them up was that they were “regular white chickens”. I was expecting commercial fryers, but I’m pretty sure they qualify as bantam, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the big combs. Their eggs are just adorable. I was a bit concerned about how well they’d mix in with our much bigger girls, but they are holding their own.  I hope they’re happy here.

But on the subject of daylight that’s nearly gone, so I better get gone too.

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