…in which the creature attempts to raise me as her own.

I was up first this mistical morning.

Visited our beauty and caught her profile against the wet blanket.

Ning surprised me at the breakfast table with a dish she had prepared. It was swiftly relocated to the boot room.

I love you too, sweetheart. But no thank you.

And the rest of the day is being spent in a fit of domestic mayhem wherein I atone for the sin of deliberately letting everything go to hell for a few days. One by one I am discovering all of my daughter’s sticker stack Toynbee tiles along the way.

Down down down down down

It’s a deeply rainy day and I’m right in the middle of my brain, sorting through the archives. I have to sort through those archives in order to sort through my written archives – the lifetime of longhand notes and journals filled with the prompts and outlines of pretty much every creative project I’ve ever undertaken and journey along the way.

Is a very grand way of saying procrastination pile.

Children are wonderful procrastination killers. Mine dragged them all out of the cupboard yesterday, and with the clouds closing in I couldn’t argue the timing to finally sit down and deal with it.

So here I go.

andy study